Face database

2D images (photographs)

Neutral and Happy expressions, with and without a cap, same lighting and blue background as the 3D images, 1000x1400 pixels.

 Male (45 ids) 44Mb zip file Female (54 ids) 56Mb zip file

Varied lighting and shooting distances, 800x1200 pixels

Male (45 ids) 75 Mb zip file

Camera layout for varied lighting and pose:

camera layout

Posed expressions, from four viewpoints, 1200x1200 pixels.


Happy Angry Disgust Fear Unhappy Surprise
43Mb zip
43Mb zip
46Mb zip
47Mb zip
43Mb zip
46Mb zip
41Mb zip
47Mb zip
45Mb zip
46Mb zip
48Mb zip
48Mb zip

Neutral faces, 'marked up' for use in Psychomorph, includes average face images, with and without texture processing.

marked up for psychomorph Male average Male 11Mb zip Female 11Mb zip

4 views/lighting

4 views male 156Mb zip female 223Mb zip

Eyes left and right. Straight ahead are included in views set above

eyes male 148Mb zip female 174Mb zip

Neutral and smile, with cap.

caps male 89 Mb zip female 95Mb zip

4 views, with black gown.

gowns Male 142Mb Zip Female 168Mb zip

4 views, with gown and cap

cap-gown Male 170Mb Zip Female 186Mb zip

Colour reference.

3888x2592 pixels. Quite a few IDs missing for cameras 2-4. Camera 4 cannot see the chart, included here for completeness.

c1 refCamera 1 Male Jpg format 122Mb Zip Female 147Mb Zip
Canon Raw format (note the large size!) Male 474Mb Zip Female 574Mb Zip

C2 Ref Camera 2 Male 84Mb Zip Female 91Mb Zip

C3 Ref Camera 3 Male 75Mb Zip Female 83Mb Zip

C4 Ref Camera 4 Male 73Mb Zip Female 79Mb Zip

Canon Raw format

Camera 1 view only. Note the large size of these raw format collections: only download them if you really need them!

C1_V0S Male 468Mb Zip Female 556Mb Zip

raw_v2r Male 393Mb Zip Female 513Mb Zip

raw_v4r Male 397Mb Zip Female 460Mb Zip

raw_v9r Male 380Mb Zip Female 512Mb Zip

Random extra images

1200x1200 pixels

Extras Male 12Mb Zip Female (includes some with hair down) 31Mb Zip

We are collecting additional images, taken at different times.

Stereo images

These are taken with a Fuji W3 stereo camera. Images unpacked into L and R pairs

stereo images Neutral and smiling Male 36Mb zip Female 45Mb zip

stereo images With cap Male 32Mb zip, Female 37Mb zip